The Manse

The manse was originally built in the 1860s by a Mrs Brock and in the 1870s was the Manse for the Wesleyan, Methodist Church Minister, Mr. Fletcher, before it was acquired mid 1880s by the Established Church for Rev Robert Cameron who was the third minister of Armadale Parish Church.

Mrs McAlpine who moved to the Manse in 1980 told this sad story.

On the day when the McAlpines took possession of their new home, the Manse, they found packed boxes in the hallway.  They heard a sound upstairs and, on investigation, they found an elderly lady sitting in an attic room surrounded by her few belongings.  When asked why she was there, she replied that she was Bella, the housekeeper.  She had worked at the house for fifty years.  After the house had been sold, Bella remained there, waiting….

A taxi was duly summoned and Bella and her few belongings were despatched to her home town of Fraserbrugh.  One wonders how long she had been away from ‘home’ and what reception (if any) she received on her return!

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