There are so many people to thank that have helped with this project – I hope I don’t forget anyone! In the meantime can I say the names on this page are not finite.

So (in no particular order), many thanks for your support and assistance to…

The family of Davie Kerr

History of Armadale Association – especially Ron Dingwall and Betty Hunter

Lottery Heritage Fund, especially Megan Comb and Katherine Wynn. – John Wells – also for his photography, promotion and acting skills!

West Lothian History Library – especially Sybil Cavanagh

Councillors Jim Dixon, Stuart Borrowman and Sarah King for kindly donating from their disbursement funds – also to Cllr Dixon for coming up with the idea of the Davie Kerr Walk, for his interview and for all his assistance. Also to Cllr Borrowman for his interview and Cllr King for her assistance at the launch and with promotion.

West Lothian 50 plus network

Armadale 50 plus Network

Armadale ‘Rural’ (SWRI)

Tuesday Women’s Information Group

‘Solo’ Interviewees; Netta MacCallum and Sadie Murray, Jim Hutchison, Isobel and Charles Colquhoun, Joe McIndoe, Jessie Inglis, Christine Hailstones, Tom Gordon (William Angus video), David and Mona Hamilton, Kenny Smolak, Charlie Flynn, Peter Cowan, John Dickson.

Josephine Coia, Marion Hossack, Jessie Inglis, David and Mona Hamilton, Joe McIndoe, Dave Johnson, John and Anne Dickson, and staff at ‘Dale’icious café who let me take copies of their photos.

West Lothian Council, especially Chris Alcorn, Tony Fleming, Camille Archer.

Armadale Shed for making the kissing gates at Colinshiels

Armadale Concert Ensemble.

Lawrence Fitzpatrick for singing Jessie o’ the Dell.

The children from St Anthony’s Choir for singing ‘All Hail to the Queen’.

The four schools, Armadale Academy, Armadale Primary, Eastertoun and St Anthonys for designing the Information Boards

Armadale Community Council

Alex Hastings for videos and photos for brochures and ‘Song for Armadale’ CD covers.

MSP Fiona Hyslop and Councillor Sarah King for their help with the launch

Forestry Commission, especially Emma Stewart

Linlithgow Pride and Passion, especially John Aitken

Broadlee Scots, especially Jim McGregor

Deborah Paton for organising printing of the brochures.

West Lothian Archives and Records Centre

National Library of Scotland and British Library for permission to use Maps


All the actors, crew and helpers for the Stagecoach re-enactment;

Lorna McNee and her husband Andrew, for letting us film on their land at Woodend

Robin Chesters likewise at Almond Valley Heritage Centre

Kenny Craig at Torphichen Inn – Kenny also catered and acted for us too!

Campbells Auto Salvage for supplying the chain

Douglas Stewart for supplying other tools.

Andy Campbell from Carriages for all Occasions 

Actors, Jack Douglas, Marilyn Wilson, Gary Lind (Actor) Andy Craig, Paul Gallagher, John Wells, Alistair Murray, Kyla McGilliard and her Dad Hud McGilliard.

Sybil Cavanagh and Betty Hunter for helping organise props.

Petula from Petula at Perks for catering too.

Strangeboat – writing, videoing and editing.


Papertank – app design

Room 60 – summary video

Kerry Hyndman – Illustrated map

All who have contributed photos – I don’t have all your names!


Also, new to Armadale is

In addition, you can download the Rambers’ App – Medal Routes – and you may even win a night in the Crieff Hydro!





History of Armadale Association

History of Armadale Association