Roy's Military Map, 1752-55

Roy’s Military Map, 1752-55

After the Jacobite Rebellion in 1745-46, the Hanoverian military commanders in Scotland found themselves ‘greatly embarrassed for want of a proper Survey of the Country’.

Colonel David Watson (then Deputy Quartermaster-General in the Board of Ordnance, a body with responsibility for military infrastructure and mapping) promoted the idea of an intricate survey to William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland. Soon after his victory at Culloden, Cumberland successfully petitioned King George II (his father) for the Military Survey of Scotland and in 1747 Watson was instructed to begin work. He in turn delegated the primary practical responsibility to his Assistant Quartermaster, William Roy.

In the early 1890’s water filters were installed in Stonerigg. 

Stonerigg is marked with a  red cross on this Map.