Armadale’s first school was a thatched cottage in 1819, where Coia’s Fish and Chip Shop now stands. It’s school master, William Cameron, went on to be a famous songwriter at that time.

Since then there have been a number of schools, not just subscription (paid for by a levy on wage earners) but some were ran by mining companies. In 1858, the miner’s schools were as follows; David Drysdale taught in Mary Campbell’s Hall in South Street, Allan Craig taught at Edward’s Hall next to Armadale Inn, Cornelius Cowan taught at Bathville Row School, and Elizabeth and Allan Gray taught at Mount Pleasant Row School. In fact, the Mount Pleasant School was so popular, it’s neighbouring subscription school lost large numbers of pupils to it.

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Armadale’s first schools

Map of 1856 - Site of Armadale's first school (circled), and second school (titled on North St)

Map of 1856 – Site of Armadale’s first school (circled), and second school (titled on North St)


Armadale Primary School

public school


Eastertoun Primary 

Eastertoun School


St Anthony’s Primary

Sacred Heart and St Anthony's Chapel School

Sacred Heart and St Anthony’s Chapel School


Armadale Academy

Armadale Academy

Armadale Academy

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