Netherhouse Farm

In April 1673, James Davie and a number of covenanter friends met at Black Dub (now Netherhouses) in order to hear Rev Archibald Riddell preach (a conventicle). During the service, word reached them that a  party of Kings Dragoons (King Charles II) from Mid Calder garrison, under the command of Lieutenant Heron (or Inglis) , was approaching. The meeting was brought to an untimely end and the congregation fled over a wet moss which so hampered the soldiers’ horses, they were unable to follow. The dragoons, however, drew their pistols and fired across the peat moss. Only one person suffered in the crossfire – James Davie himself, who was later interred at Kirkton Cemetery, Bathgate. A number of others were imprisoned with their clothes, Bibles and other belongings taken by the soldiers. 


James Davie's memorial stone at Kirkton Kirk

James Davie’s memorial stone at Kirkton Kirk (photo from