Here are some mining terms which were used locally (many thanks to Jim Hutcheson and Jimmy Young)

Bing – a mound of mining waste

Chaur Hearth – the remnants of burning ironstone with clay, after the iron is removed

Hutch/Bogie – A box on wheels for transporting coal

Laich Scaffol’ (Laich meaning low) – upper floor of the mine

Pithead/Pitheid – top of the mine/pit

Pit bottom – Lower level of mine/pit where the shaft was to lift miners back to the Pit head.

Shank – shaft of the lift going into the mine

Skip – skips were a new way of bringing coal to the surface, some had a ‘man riding cage’ on top

Tumblers were used to empty hutches on to a conveyor at the pit head.

Waste hutches were emptied by a tilt frame on the bing top and were pulled by a wire rope haulage system.