Miner’s experiences

I was very lucky to interview Jim Hutchison who worked in Woodend, Easton and Polkemmet Pits.

He was very proud to be a miner, and one of the first things he showed me was the view from his living room window of the Woodend Bing remnants.

His Father and brothers had also been miners in Woodend, and had mined Standhill before that.

I interviewed him for a couple of hours one day and loved his stories so I came back for another couple of hours.

Some of his stories are funny, such as him trying to squeeze into an already overcrowded cage at the end of a tiring day, and some are fascinating as he describes a refreshing freshwater spring in the depths of murky Woodend Pit. Also he tells a sad story of why his Mother and Father were not happy about him working in Easton Pit and how he got closure for the family there. He talks with passion about the 1984 miner’s strike, and why he didn’t get redundancy money when he was ‘laid off’ from Woodend Pit.

I have cut the videos up into bite-size snippets – averaging a minute long.

I hope these give an insight into miner’s lives and work.