The Wesleyan body, towards the end of the (eighteen-)sixties, made an effort to raise funds to erect a building in which to hold their services.

The Rev. Mr. Fletcher was its first and most conspicuous minister, and was so popular that he was allowed to remain in Armadale for six years.

The actual opening date is not known, but the foundation stone was laid with coins and newspapers and a document overseen by Rev R N Bassitt on Tuesday 2nd May, 1865.

The new church was provided by Mrs Honeyman Gillespie of Torbane Hill House and the Reverend George Hobson presented Mrs Honeyman-Gillespie with a silver trowel and ebony mallet in gratutide.

For many years, it was felt that a hall was needed to carry on social events, and in 1921, that want was met when Mr Tom W. Davis had a wooden hut erected in memory of his father, about which time the church had much needde kitchen and toilet facilities built. It was replaced by the present hall and committee room etc in 1972, through grants from the Joseph Rank belevolent fund, the Methodist Church, and church fundraising efforts.

Methodist Church

Methodist Church