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Volunteer Park, Armadale. Colquhoun Postcard

Volunteer Park, Armadale. Colquhoun Postcard

Armadale's first kit - 1886-1888

Armadale’s first kit – 1886-1888

The athletic youths of Armadale formed themselves into a club in 1879. Many Armadale teams have emerged since then and more can be read about them on the Armadale Thistle website

Volunteer Park History

– It was originally the training ground of the Volunteer Army, predecessors of the Territorials, and so the use inspired the name of Volunteer Park. In the 1926, local miners laid hutch rails so that bogies could run and, once the pitch’s clay had been removed, the pitch was resurfaced with turf from the Craig Hills. As a result, the pitch could no longer be called by the nickname of ‘cabbage patch’!

A new stand and a directors’ box were built, but the new stand was destroyed by fire in the 1930s.



Other football grounds in Armadale are;

Watson Park, (aka The Corrie), North Street, Armadale
Wood Park, Upper Bathville, Armadale
St. Anthony’s T/A, South Street, Armadale

Playing areas can also be found at Avondale Park, Nelson Park and Drove Road.

Map of Woodend 1854

Map of Woodend 1854

Woodend also had its own football ground to rival Armadale, with a team founded in 1887.


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