At one time Armadale had 44 chimneys, and many people will remember the last one to be demolished – the Etna Lum – in April 2012.

Clay was a by-product of mining and Armadale Bricks were famous all over the world.

The Brickworks on the Etna site were opened in 1897 and owned by the following companies;

1897 Etna

1905 United Collieries Ltd

1947 United Fireclay Products Ltd

1981 Steetly Brick

1983 Carradale – Also known as Glasgow Iron and Steel Company, Limited (GISCOL)

The Armadale bricks were unique having being made from shale clay which was difficult to work with, but made a harder more durable brick.

As you walk around Armadale, you may find some of our bricks in the most unusual places!

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Photo by John Wells

Photo by John Wells

Map of Lower Bathville 1917

Map of Lower Bathville 1917

Bricks on the Road near Northrigg

Bricks on the Road near Northrigg