The clay from Armadale’s mines was of such quality, it made fireclay bricks, and was used where industrial-strength bricks were required, such as in kilns.

In addition, ceramic pipes, chimney pots and sanitary-ware was manufactured.

The AtlasEtna and West Works Brickworks were in Bathville, with Barbauchlaw Brickworks North of East Main Street, and another brickworks in Blackmoss.

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Here Kenny Smolak describes his experiences working at Etna Brickworks;

Various Jobs

Pay and Bonuses

Work times and Breaks, travelling to the Brickworks

Helping New-Starts

How did he get the job?

How long did he work there each Summer?

What was the Health and Safety like?

What was the first day like? What were the bosses like? What Practical Jokes were played?

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