Armadale Stadium

An Early Saloon Stock Lineup at Armadale (photo

An Early Saloon Stock Lineup at Armadale (photo

Greyhounds started racing at the Volunteer Grounds around the local football ground from 3rd October 1936 until the 16th February 1939.
The operation moved to the current stadium on the Bathgate Road only four days later.

Two races called the West Lothian Stakes and Armadale Sprint Championships are the feature races with track distances of 330 and 540 yards.
On 28th May 1971 a new asphalt track opened the Armadale Raceway to enable stock car racing.

The track was reputedly modelled on the shape and size of Wimbledon, as most major Spedeworth championships were held at that venue, this would enable Scottish drivers to get more practise on a traditional oval track.

The site today is also home to the Edinburgh Monarchs speedway since 1997.

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